Thursday, March 18, 2010

Being South African...

Today I came across two videos which make me just really proud to be a South African. One is a group of (amazing and all South African!) musicians who have come together to make a video which is against the high crime rate in South Africa (something we aren't that proud of - but it is fantastic that they are singing out against it!). Take a look: it is a good song, sung really well, for a good cause!

The other is a "Where the hell is Matt" video which he made doing the Diski dance around South Africa (with some absolutely fantastic views!). If you haven't come across Matt before, he is a crazy guy who dances in different places around the world and his videos on youtube are amongst the most popular! He has his own site:

The Diski dance is a dance that has been made up for the World Cup (which if you didn't know is in South Africa this year!) out of different soccer moves with a ball (spot the header for instance). For more on that you can check out

Click here to go to it on youtube as it doesn't embed properly on my blog: Enjoy the great views as well, as you see crazy Matt dance (not very well) this funky dance!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bee,you're open,friendly to everyone, you have the time for everyone and you're always smiling! I believe that all people in Africa are just like you.So you need to be proud.YOU'RE FROM SOUTH AFRICA!!
Big kiss from Tanja!

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