Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun day!

After our team meeting this morning, Ljilja, Corina, David and I went over to Sinisa and Olja's for lunch. Here are us girls: (me, Corina, Ljilja and Olja):
We had a great lunch and also a great time talking in Serbinglish with some of the local language, some English and some translation going on... Corina is able to pick up a lot from body language and managed to guess quite often what people were saying...very dangerous :-) It was fun to hang out with her and some of my co-workers and catch up with them all!

In the evening Corina came with me to English Club (which had been on a hiatus in my absence). And amazingly enough: we had more guys than girls - it doesn't happen very often!! Milkan and Sofija had already left by the time we took this photo, but here are the rest of us: see if you can spot David and Milan wearing my Canadian Olympic mittens (and Drazen in front with the yellow bowl cracks me up!!):
(Also it was a self-timer shot and I ALMOST didn't make it...)

As you can tell by the picture we had a great time catching up with one another as well!!

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