Saturday, February 20, 2010

Floorball tournament

Today, Ljilja, Corina and I attended some of the matches in the Regional Floorball tournament that was taking place in Banja Luka, between 6 teams from Bosnia, Serbia and Slovenia. First started in Bosnia Hercegovina by a Swiss worker in Travnik among children, my Finnish colleague, Miika, was the one who started the sport here in Banja Luka, starting also among children. Then along with a group of local enthusiasts, the first adult Floorball club in Bosnia Hercegovina: "Gromovi" or "Thunderers" was formed.

Here is the poster for the tournament and the Gromovi's logo:

The sport is very popular in Scandanavian countries and Switzerland for example, and is a form of hockey played in a hall. The sticks as well as the ball are made from plastic, and there is very little contact allowed, and so it is a very fast paced and interesting game.

The tournament took place in our local sports hall and even though the other side looks empty, the seats on our side were much fuller than at the first ever exhibition tournament last year: the word is getting out! Here are "our" boys, playing against the team from Belgrade:
You should be able to recognise number nine: my colleague David from the Czech republic:
And Miika, my Finnish colleague, showing his skills:
As this sport grows in popularity among the adults, it is also growing amongst the children: with a mini-league now being formed in Banja Luka, along with a Bosnian tournament amongst the teams that are present throughout Bosnia. It looks like floorball is here to stay!

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