Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Equip workshop

After a whirlwind week travelling around England starting at my sister's and going on two other friends, I arrived at YWAM Harpenden (a big YWAM training centre just north of London) on Saturday to take part in the Equip staff training workshop.

As I involved in YWAM Communication, I was asked to co-ordinate a "module" on Communication. Each module is 8 hours long and participants get to choose which modules they want to take. I, along with two others, did our module in the first set on Monday and Tuesday: covering areas such as design, crisis communication and writing.

Now I can kind of relax and enjoy the rest of the conference as a participant!

1 comment:

Shilo said...

I was about to type, "You've been busy" but then I laughed at myself because that's what I always type to you! :) Glad your "work" is done and you can just enjoy the rest of the conference!
Blessings, friend!

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