Friday, February 26, 2010

Dorcas "Hope for the Future" Project 2010

This is the 4th year that we are running this project. See here for last year's project kick-off. Our target group is unemployed families with children: trying to give them a better chance in life. We got 20 people from the Centre for Social Work in Banja Luka, and this year we are also working with the Centre for Social Work in Laktasi, which is the next city, just 10 minutes North of Banja Luka and so the other 10 came from them.

This year we had a bumper turn-out at our first meeting this morning: all 30 families were represented and many of them with both parents and a spattering of children: Along the wall to the left are some people who work in the Centre for Social Work in Banja Luka:
As part of this project I teach two English Classes for beginners and elementary and it was great to see that both classes will be full once again this year. People are really excited to be able to learn! We also offered really affordable computer classes and there were over 20 who signed up for those.

Also as part of this project we give out a monthly package which comes from Dorcas Aid in Holland, containing basic food and other useful items sent from Holland. We also buy hygiene items here to distribute to them as well: below are some of the people with their packages:

They are also given business training and are given the chance to write a business plan, and the 3 best plans are given 5000KM (R30000/$4000) in no-interest loans. I love being part of this project as it really gives people a chance to help themselves in a way that purely social project wouldn't. I look forward to seeing how we will help these people this year through this project!

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