Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Team-building at Hajducke Vode

Our organisation was given some funds to use on training and capacity building and so we decided to use some of them on two days of team-building in the mountains (about an hour from Banja Luka). Here we all are in the hotel ("Hajducke Vode"): In case you don't know who is who: from left to right: Sinisa, his wife, Olja (from Bosnia), me, David (from Czech), Mirjam and her husband, Miika (from Finland), Dragana and Ljilja (also both local):As you can see we had some (not a lot) of snow and we made good use of it: The kids (Miika and Mirjam have four girls and Sinisa and Olja two boys) had a great time sledding and so we decided to join in:
David (show-off):Sinisa (cool guy):Me: too fast for the camera :-)
And Ljilja getting off to a good start:
Ljilja again: no comment!:
Different people have different ideas of what to wear when you go to the mountains in the snow! Ljilja with full ski suit and well, Dragana is Dragana!:We also had time to go hiking in the forest. I joined them for the first part and then left to go back to the warm hotel while they continued around the 4km track (which turned into 5km when they got lost... but they made it back safely! So glad I got a chance to have tea with Dragana instead!) This photo is of Miika, Mirjam, Ljilja, David and I, using my self-timer with my camera resting on my gloves on a branch (quite chuffed with it really):I spent the time going back to the hotel enjoying the peace and the pretty snow and taking some photos: Snow is just SO beautiful:

I did get to see a little deer in the distance (see if you can spot him in the middle looking straight at me), but the closest I got to a bear (as far as I know!!) was the one in the foyer of the hotel:

It wasn't all fun and games: we did actually do some "team-building": spending time each morning reading the Bible and discussing the plans for the coming year.
And to end off this rather long blog entry, I will show you views of the hotel ("Hajducke Vode" is in the one on the left hand side) and from the hotel windows onto the ski slope:

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Shilo said...

So glad you had that opportunity! :) It's beautiful!
I like Dragana's "snow boots"! :)

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