Sunday, January 03, 2010

Branka's in town - let's have a party!!

Branka, one of our long-time English Club members, has never been to our place (despite one attempt where she got lost on the way and gave up!) and so I thought when she was in town that we would have a party for New Year's and kind of in her honour. I didn't know that she would only be here (from Novi Sad where she is studying) for only a few days, so we had to have the party at really short notice! But despite that, we who could make it had a great time:
I was trying to get "different" or unposed photos of us, so as not to be too boring!
Here are Stasa and Raso (who is Branka's brother!); Branka and Sofija:

Ljilja, myself and Antti:

I didn't get a decent pic of David, but here is one from New Year's which is quite cute!

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