Saturday, December 26, 2009

"My" Christmas

Here, most people celebrate Orthodox Christmas in January, and so the 25th of December is a normal working day... I managed to at least get the day "off" from other activities as we have been busy with Christmas package distribution and other things. Here are some of my "decorations": On the front door (each year I find something else to add to my wreath, this year it was the bear!):And we got a MUCH bigger tree (like twice the size of the old one:)
The presents under the tree were for Ljilja, myself and Dragana (who stayed over on Christmas eve). We had a great Christmas day together, remembering why we celebrate! The presents are just a representation of the real gift that came at CHRISTmas: Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! We had a really relaxed day and enjoyed lunch out together. They refused to let me take a picture of us altogether for the blog, so I am risking my life by putting this one instead:
This is Ljilja and Dragana and "Deda Mraz" (Santa Claus/Father Christmas) at one of the schools where Christmas packages were distributed this week! They are so going to kill me for putting it on here, but I wanted to remind you guys who they are! :-)

For all you who celebrate the 25th: I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed and MERRY CHRISTmas!!!

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Shilo said...

Yeah! So much fun! I'm glad you had such a nice celebration!

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