Saturday, December 12, 2009

English Class Graduation

I finished up my 2 Beginners English Classes this past week and so we had the graduation party today. I just had one party for both groups, and it worked really well. We have a rule in our classes: if your mobile phone goes off you have to bring pizza or cake to make up for it. During the year, pretty much everyone's (including my) phone had gone off and so I told everyone that they had to make something and bring it along for our graduation party...

We sat around and ate for a while, and then as some had to get going, I gave a little speech about how great it was teaching them (it was) and how proud of them I have been seeing how much they have learnt this year (I am!):
Then it was the diploma handout:

Only one guy, Dragutin and his wife Milkica:

Bilja and Rada:

Bozana and Vesna:

And all of us with our diplomas:
And then we sat around and ate and chatted and had a great time eating some of the mountain of food that everyone brought :-). It was a fun evening, but at the same time kind of sad, as even though we will see each other again, it is not going to be the same... They are such a great bunch of people and I will miss teaching them!

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Anonymous said...

And where am I here? And here I am, I hid a little! This was really great and very interesting group.
Especially our Jelena and her book!
Kiss,Tanja :)))

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