Saturday, November 21, 2009

Zenica Trip...

I went to Zenica on Thursday on the train. I got to stay with my good friends Tiffany (who is looking very happily pregnant) and Sladjan on Thursday night. On Friday I hung out with my former team leaders: Max and Liz and then with other friends, Beth and Jeff. At 2, I went to do what I had really come to do (although getting to hang out with friends is a nice part of it!): train people in how to start their own business!

I was asked by Dejana (with her husband, my good friend Mario below) to come and train using the program that I learnt this summer from Laura: They work for LERC in Zenica, an NGO with whom we have a joint sponsor (ie we both have projects that are sponsored by the same organisation: Dorcas Aid International) and because of this we have been doing some seminars and joint activities together. This is another opportunity to strengthen the working relationship between our organisations.The program is a game which is played with three teams competing against each other. Here I am with one of the teams checking the quality of their product (part of the process!):
I ran two modules (Friday night/Saturday morning) now and the other two will be in two weeks time (yip another trip to Zenica in my near future!). In between, the participants are giving a 10KM ($8/R60) loan so they can start their own business. Below are one of the teams in the game with Djemka (right) who also works for LERC.
It was really good to be able to train with this material as it really teaches through experiential learning and it is fun seeing the lights go on. Also, of course, the more I use it the better I will become at it. Also I am teaching the LERC people so they can eventually train by themselves (and I won't have to keep going to Zenica!)

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! Is this the first time you have taught the class by yourself? Way to go girlie!

BTW, LOVE the outfit you have on :-)
Love you - Deb

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