Monday, November 16, 2009

YWAM Communication

One of the "hats" that I wear in my life is being part of the YWAM Central European Communication Team. My role in this team is to I handle the administration and much of the writing for the Central European Region of YWAM International. YWAM is divided up into Fields (like Europe or Africa) and Regions (like Western and Central Europe, Southern Africa). Our Region is from Poland to Greece and Austria to Romania. Our leader is based in Budapest, and the rest of the Communication team is all over the place as well (we are a "virtual" team - doing everything by email and Skype).

So for example, the workshop in Budapest was put on by the CE Comm Team and that is why I was a part of that. Another thing that we do is put out a quarterly newsletter about what is happening in the region. Here is the latest one for Autumn/Fall 2009. Over the past two years, some of the articles I have written for that have been put on (which is the main website for YWAM worldwide) Click here to read one. Recently, I have been helping to organise the Central European 50th Celebrations (YWAM is turning 50 next year!) and trying to figure out when and where we will be having them!

It usually doesn't take up much of my time, and is something I enjoy being a part of as I love writing and am blessed to be gifted in the area of administration! And in this way I can be a part of something beyond what I am doing in Banja Luka: helping to get the word out about what is happening not only here, but in Central Europe and beyond!

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Shilo said...

I liked reading your article! You should let us know more often about those! :)

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