Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TV Interview!!!!

So, this morning they called me from "Alternativna Televisija" to see if I would mind being interviewed for a segment about my life here as a foreigner. Of course I said "YES!" They came and interviewed me at the office and we went outside and had the river in the background so people could see that we were actually in Banja Luka!

They asked things like "What is your favourite Bosnian food" (Pita and Sarma with Rashtan), "was it hard to learn the language" (PTL not so much: I enjoy it!), "do you find the winters hard" (yip, but then I get to go home every other year for summer instead of winter :-) and other stuff like that...

Afterwards I mentioned that I worked with other foreigners and offered to get a hold of them. I called Miika first (he lives near the office) and he just happened to be with David, so both of them came and gave an interview as well! David asked me to take a pic of him (there was no one there when I was being interviewed :-() and here it is: And yes that is David wearing shorts in NOVEMBER. It has been really warm lately, but even so: everyone was looking at him funny all day! The interviews will be on Saturday on the morning show and I will hope the timer works on the VCR as none of us will actually be in town this weekend!

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