Tuesday, November 17, 2009

English Homework help...

Instead of the English Club at the orphanage, we have been going in each week and working with some of the younger kids that do English in school: helping them with their English homework.

Last night it was just Lea, David and I. David and I helped the 4th graders: he took "little" David and Branislav. I was helping sisters, Dijana and Dejana, who are in the foreground:Lea was working with the 5th graders: Maja and Ceca:
Depending on how many people we get to come along, the children get more one-on-one help. It is better this way, because the kids that really need help are now getting it, and I can see that learning is taking place. The club was fun and the kids were learning something, but this way the ones that really need help are getting help. I think we will still do the "club" sometimes, as the kids really enjoyed it: but for now we are sticking to helping these kids keep up with the rest of their English class!

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