Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Yip, we got a car! For the boys it is an Opel Astra 2004 1.6 with 63000KM on the clock, and for the girls it is dark metallic silver! We got it from a friend of a friend and it only cost 13500KM (about $10000 or R76000). Ljilja won't allow me to take pics of it until we have it cleaned, but here is a similar car for those who are interested: I will post pics as soon as possible!

For those of you that have been following the saga since my Peugeot was stolen, this is the same car that we wanted to buy new (but that was almost twice the price)! But since the paperwork on the guarantor wasn’t coming through we started looking around at other cars a couple of weeks ago. But each time we would find something we thought we would take, it would have some drawback or be too expensive… We were starting to get really despondent...then on Monday morning our friend Mirko contacted us to say his friend had this car for sale and were we still looking… The problem was the car was in Gradiska (about 45mins away)… Ljilja went with our mechanic friend Dragan to check things out on Monday night: and in the end Ljilja “bought” it without me even seeing it (I was at the orphanage for our English Club there).

It is everything we wanted at a price we can afford! I really believe that God has given us this car in a miraculous way as this really is soooooo out of the ordinary to find such a good car at such an amazing price! PTL! Also when we started looking we decided to go with the new car and financing because we really didn’t have any money to buy a good second-hand car. In the meantime, the Lord has provided for us to have this money (which is almost double what we had two months ago!) So I can truly testify that God really came through and now we have a car that is way better than my Peugeot ever was!

The car will be Ljilja's car (she had the bulk of the money and will pay me back) but I will get to use it. We will share expenses. This is the exact arrangement we had with my Peugeot but in reverse! It is also the car that she dreamed of having from when it came out and always thought that she would never be able to have it. So, you can imagine how blessed she is feeling right now that God provided the actual car that she wanted! It really was worth the wait!

So, as we were busy yesterday we only managed to go and get it today from Gradiska. It is now at Dragan's (the mechanic's) so that he can give it a service and make sure that everything is alright before we even start using it. I think that for both of us that things haven't really sunk in yet that we finally have a car and that it is such an amazing one!!


Shilo said...

so happy for you!

Becky Aguirre said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I know that this will be a huge blessing to your ministry!

Charmaine said...

cool car. We are happy for you

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