Monday, October 05, 2009

Is this October??

Here the weather has been incredible for this time of year... Usually it has been raining for weeks (mom can testify!) and my landlady has already started heating... instead we are still walking around in short sleeves!

Here is a picture of my little corner of peace, taken this morning. I sit on the balcony and enjoy this view (and read my bible and pray) almost every morning: usually just during the summer months...
And as you can see the flowers are still going! Usually we have to take them down mid-September... The ONLY indication that it will be time for the clocks to turn back in a couple of weeks is the slightly yellow trees (they were the same colour as the other two).

So, so far we are still happy to be using leg/bike power to get everywhere! Still waiting to see what is going to happen about getting a car before winter really sets in!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so far so good!! but nothing what is nice don't last forever!!! so enjoy,my dear B,in flowers and sun and beautiful view from your balcony.
kiss from tanja!!!

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