Monday, October 19, 2009

Good times, good views, good friends...

So, I spent 10 days in Budapest, in meetings mostly (Communications Workshop followed by meetings with people working in YWAM Communications), on a boat on the river Danube. I did get to do some sightseeing which was nice: Here are some photos (and spot the arty pic of the parliament, I did learn something about photography on the workshop!) The others were taken on our "sightseeing trip": more about that later on...

Every day in the Communication meetings we would see this strange sight: A bus on the river, this pic from the "Boatel":

And here it is from the other side of the river with the Fortuna "Boatel" (where we stayed) in the background:

When we found out that it was an ACTUAL bus, that does tours firstly of the city on land and then enters the water, we just had to do it. So, on our last day after everyone else had left, Rob (who heads YWAM communications worldwide), Bec and I managed to talk Carmelita (aka "the boss lady") into going with us on the tour: Here are Rob and Carmelita (and Bec in the bus) about to get on the bus and the bus on the road:

It was a great tour of the city and then we entered the water - what a great: here is a little video!

It was a great experience: I still can't believe we were on the "bus/boat"!! (for those who have seen Rob Bell's "everything is spiritual": Is it a bus? Is it a boat? "yip")

Afterwards, Carmelita left us and we met up with Stephanie and Paul who work in Bucharest, Romania for Indian (had to be done for Rob!): And a lovely pic of Bec, Rob and I:


Anonymous said...

Hey B!!
I'm so glad you enjoyed in Budapest!!!The bus/boat is great!!!
Big kiss from me!!!See you on Wednesday!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Budapest looks like a BEAUTIFUL place! Thank you for sharing your experiences with me/us over on the other side of the "pond". The "duck bus" sure is interesting - I am so glad you were able to ride on it - sounds like it was one of the biggest highlights of your trip - lovely!! Love you my dear friend - McDeb

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