Sunday, October 11, 2009


I arrived late on Wednesday and am enjoying staying again on the Fortuna boat, a "boatel" on the river Danube. I arrived early, along with Rebecca from the Czech Republic, to help with the set-up for the 3-day YWAM Effective Communication Workshop which started on Saturday night. We were quite busy setting stuff up, so not much time for sight-seeing!

Thursday night Carmelita - otherwise known as "the boss lady" - invited me and Rebecca over for cake: Rebecca and I are the communications team for YWAM in Central Europe and Carmelita is the Regional Leader for Central Europe in YWAM, so she literally is "the boss lady"!! We had a great time hanging out with her. I like my organisation - it is all about relationship: not hierarchical!!On the way there and back we had to take tram 2. Hungarian is a really difficult language to learn because it looks like you should be able to read it, but you can't really:
And these are some of the photos taken from the tram on the way there or back, so prrrrrrty:

Then on Friday night the rest of the facilitators/teachers arrived and we went out for a late dinner:Deb, Rob and I with the Little Princess Statue on the Danube Corso:
Trying to figure out where we are going on the metro: Rodney, Rob and Rebecca:
Having figured it out: us on the second eldest metro line in the world (London was first):
Now the next post will me more on the workshop when I get more time to do it!!!


Shilo said...

Beautiful pictures, Bee! I know you are having a great time!

Anonymous said...

hey B!!!pictures are great!!!i'm so glad that you are having a great time!!!!
hey,you know what???you're a great ladyboss,too :))))
kiss from tanja!!!

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