Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mom's whistle stop visit...

Yes, Mom has already left, it went by so quickly! It was great having her here, but it was really sad to put her on the bus to Zagreb this morning. We did make really really good use of the time while she was here:

Besides her taking loads of random pictures including this one of our neighbourhood chess set - they have them all over for people to play:We also hung out with my landlady and her family: here below with me outside the house. The lower balcony is mine and Ljilja's and my landlady is upstairs... You can see the lovely flowers on the balcony - which are amazingly enough STILL lasting even though it is way past their time! My landlady does them every year and Ljilja and I just have to water them...
Sinisa and Olja also came for lunch the one day... Mom and I made the lunch together (old family recipe-even my brother used it once for his cub scout badge!) and we had a great time hanging out with them... fun times!
We also made it to do some sightseeing: The weather was great: the first time that she has been here and no rain! Below is Mom at Kastel Fortress.
And the two of us on the "splav" (or raft) on the Vrbas river for coffee:
And on her last night we made it over (by bus!) to Dragana's house to visit her family. Her dad wasn't there, but he had left us some of his homemade "krushkovac" (pear brandy!) for Mom to try! Here are Dragana's mom, me, mom, Dragana, her nephew Sergej and Ljilja:
When we got home, Mary (my old YWAM colleague) came over to hang out - she arrived this week too for a visit - great to see her!

So we managed to stuff in a LOT of things in the two and a half days that she was here... Now she has gone back to Oxford to join my dad at my sister's and soon they will go back to South Africa... My dad (who has to get a visa and that is why he doesn't come visit) said he had a good time without her: catching up on his reading and emailing... here is proof:
I love the hand on the mouse:)


Shilo said...

I'm so glad you guys had these sweet few days together!

Anonymous said...

dear B !!!
i'm so glad that your mom was here!!!you were only few days together but that was sweet few days.and your dad is great!!!his picture is worths like a thousand words!!!
big kiss and lots of love!!!

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