Friday, September 18, 2009

Mom and Ivana...

So, my mom was arriving in Zagreb, Croatia (it is the closest airport) and Ivana now lives in Zagreb... see the plan forming? I borrowed Sinisa's car and drove up, got my mom and we headed over to Ivana's place (about 10 mins from the airport). We had a great visit and Mom got to meet Vedran who was just a bump when she was here last year. Here are Ivana and the kids and Ivana's mom:And here are the two "grandmas" trying to feed Vedran - too cute:
Then Mom and I headed back to Banja Luka: using our matching British passports at the border to get into Bosnia! It would have been great if my dad could have made it as well - but he still only has a South African passport and needs to get a visa and it just gets really complicated... So he is hanging out with my sister in England while Mom is here. We are enjoying ourselves so far and even though her visit is really short (she leaves already on Sunday) it is great to have her here!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dear B!!!
enjoy your vist!!
i'm so happy for you!!!
big kiss for you and your mom!!

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