Sunday, September 27, 2009

Man, what a weeeeeek

But I have achieved a lot: I finally finished the paperwork for Sergej's organisation! Yes, it took FOUR MONTHS to close it down (well technically 5 including the month he worked on it before he left!). This week, in between everything else going on I managed to track down (FINALLY) the guy at the tax office who had his papers (who then told me he definitely DIDN'T have them, and then miraculously found them under other papers once his boss told him that they were definitely with him...). Anyway, once I had caught him out he was really helpful and got them done right away :-)

The week started on a low because of my mom leaving... but PTL after a couple of days of being kept quite busy with other admin things -it is time for our project proposals for next year to be sent in- (and of course my English Classes) I got over that! I also spent a night in Zagreb for a meeting (it was really fun too and worth the drive there and back!) and then on Saturday we went to a Roma village (about an hour from BL) where a group of us spent time with the people sharing about the God of the Bible with them. We also sang some songs with them (they loved that!) and gave out some humanitarian aid. They are so excited to hear about God and how He wants to have a part in their lives, it was very encouraging for us all. Here are some pics:

Singing along with us:
Such a cutie: looking a little lost:Srdjan, who has been coming to this village for many years and is the reason we went a long on Friday to help him out, handing out books about the God of the Bible for people to read:Sinisa with two of the village "baba"s or "grannies": The house in the background belongs to someone who lives and works in Germany!
Here is Ljilja, as usual surrounded by kids, at one of the houses in the village where we were for coffee:
Now, see if you can spot David's arm: it is in two of the above photos!! But I don't have a photo of him or Miika who was also with us...


Anonymous said...

dear B!!!i'm glad you had an interesting week!!!not u be bored,hihi
and as usuall,ljilja,u,mika,david and siniĊĦa have the kind word and much love for everyone !!!you're a gift from heaven!!
big kiss for all of you!!!

Shilo said...

Wow! You HAVE been busy! Thanks for all you do! It matters!

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