Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Goodbye Branka, sniff sniff

Branka (second from left above), who has been part of the English Club for two years, leaves today to go study in Novi Sad, Serbia. So, never to pass up the chance for a party, we organised to have a little "send off" for her.

It was just great! I couldn't have worked it out better if I had tried!! Luckily she arrived a little late... We had hidden all the "stuff" in the kitchen and were acting like it was a normal English Club... As there was a new person, to start the club we went around and introduced ourselves and I was asking everyone a question from a list (e.g "if you had a year to live what would you change" or "if you could travel anywhere where would you go", etc). Branka was last and so I looked at the list like I was reading her question off and said "So do you really think we would let you go off to Novi Sad without having a party for you?"!!! How fun!

Poor David was the cat amongst the pigeons so to speak (he took the pic of all us girls!). We really need to get more guys in the club!! And despite it coming at the end of a VERY long day, it was a very good way to give Branka a lovely send off and I am so chuffed that it worked out so well!

1 comment:

Shilo said...

So fun! You guys are great friends!

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