Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sladja, Milijana i Ljusha

Ljilja's sister Sladja, cousin Milijana and their friend Ljubica are here visiting from Trebinje. They are having a great time, as are we with them... Last night we went to the Mercator Centre to go shopping and then had coffee there together... The photo below is of Sladja, Ljilja, Ljusha and Milijana: Today, the team went on an outing by themselves and we escaped for a while to the pool. Half the world was there too. I am quite brown for me right now... but of course I am WHITE next to the girls... so sorry no photos of me with them!! We bumped into the twins, Daliborka and Dajana, who are also young and beautiful:it is a good thing I don't have low self-esteem:
Driving on the way back from the pool, Ljilja and I spotted a silver Peugeot 206 in front of us and Ljilja even said how hard it was to see one so similar to mine... then we saw that the police pulled it over in front of us. They have random stopping here, but this looked less than random: like they were pulling it over because it was like our stolen car! So that gave me some hope that they at least are looking for my car!!

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