Thursday, August 20, 2009


People often ask me what my average day is like, and I always say that I don't have an average day... Today is an example of how much flexibility I need to have! I read this morning in my quiet time that God is not going to be surprised by anything that will happen today: well He might not be, but I had a few surprises!!

Yesterday if you asked me what I would be doing today I would have said:
Going in the morning to do some medical tests, then meeting with Janet, after that picking up the test results and going to the doctor. Then at 3pm having a skype meeting with other YWAM European Communicators, and at 7.30pm skype meeting with Olga a leader from my church.

Firstly, Viki from Dorcas asked if she could meet with me, Ljilja and Sinisa at 3pm, and as we have been trying for ages to meet with her, bang went my EuroCom meeting. Then Janet called and postponed the meeting until tomorrow and Olga emailed to postpone our meeting until next week! So nothing happened as I planned it!

I did make it for the medical tests and to the doctor and am mostly well, "just" a bladder infection which I am now taking antibiotics for. That was probably the one thing that wasn't a surprise!

I decided that since I didn't have the meeting with Janet in the morning that I would go and sort the tax office stuff out for Sergej's organisation. And here is where my day got really bizarre... Because there was something hinky with the papers I had to talk to the "boss". We started out just chatting and he said he had a brother in South Africa and then he started to flirt with me. He was 50 if he was a day! And married! Ljilja said I should have said "I already have a father thank you very much..." why didn't I think of that?? (in the end we did sort out the paperwork in between him propositioning me!!!)

So, today was full of surprises to me, but God was not surprised... I kind of like that and that is what helps me when I have days like this - which is almost every day!

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