Friday, July 10, 2009

Orphanage with Laura

This has been a really busy week - you know when I am busy when I don't update my blog! But it has been mostly good! One of the fun things we did was the orphanage. Laura came along with us and although there were a lot less children as many were away for the school holidays (many in Italy), we still had a great time. We were learning different parts of the body. Here is Ceca showing us "nose":And here are the volunteers from the English Club: Ceca, Branka and Zvjezdana, Laura and myself with some of the kids:
This week's visit was fun, but also sad as there were three new kids (black shirt, blue shirt and pink shirt in the above pic), two sisters and a brother, who had just arrived the day before after being abandoned by their mother. I am still not sure of all the details, but the poor dears looked they would burst into tears at any moment at the beginning, but by the end they were all smiles... makes it all worthwhile!

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Anonymous said...

That just breaks my heart! I cant imagine a mother "dropping off her children" and never coming back for them. PTL they are in a safe place where they can be loved! Keep up the wonderful work!! Love you! - McDeb

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