Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ljilja's birthday with Sina from Finland...

Today, for Ljilja's birthday and because Sina is visiting us from Finland, we went with Dragana to Jajce to see the waterfall and the other waterfalls along the way... Here we are in Jajce:
Sina actually works in Fida's home office, overseeing one of the projects Ljilja works on, so technically she is Ljilja's boss, but she is here just on holiday with us and we are really enjoying having her here!! Here is a cute pic of Sina and Ljilja at the top of the waterfall:
We then went to the watermills near Plivska jezera, before we went for lunch at the nearby restaurant (Nix&G, the same one we went to!!)
On the way back we stopped off to take pics of the beautiful canyon: Before stopping off at the beautiful Krupa Falls (or as they have translated on the signs: "Krupa Cascades"!!)On the way back, I was actually delaying our return, because, actually, what Ljilja didn't know, is that David was preparing a surprise for her... he and I had plotted together so that he could get into the house with the cakes that he had prepared... Ljilja was very surprised, and touched. The sign says "Danas nam je divan dan" which is what they sing here for "Happy Birthday":
But the classic part of the story is that I had left the key under the mat for him and as Ljilja was leaving the house, she actually found it and gave it back to me... aaaaargh!!!!!!! Luckily she didn't think anything of it (we have had guests this week for whom we left the key, so she just thought it was for them and I had forgot to pick it up again). But what to do now???? How to leave the key without her figuring it out??? I saw the gate was open and said I would go and shut it and managed to slip it under a brick there and texted/smsed David to say where it was... so it all still came together!!

As you can see, Ljilja had a great day and so did we all!!!!


Anonymous said...

You guys are TOO cute!!! Only Lj would find the key! I can see where she would be very tough to surprise! : ) Good job, Bee & too all the others that helped! I can tell she had a WONDERFUL day!!! : ) Good friends like you are a blessing from the Lord!!
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

That above comment was from me!
Sorry! it's been a while since I've been on your blog!! I'll try to do better!


Anonymous said...

ljilja is very lucky.You are really good friends.
big kiss for you.

Shilo said...

Catching up on your last few posts! You've been busy (as usual!) So glad Lilja had a fun bday! :) And love the potato peeler dude!

therambler said...

that's funny. we were in jajce too, camping.

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