Saturday, July 04, 2009

EUS team in Banja Luka

The InterVarsity/EUS team that is in Zenica for July came up for the day to check out Banja Luka. David is helping out with the team there and as they plan to come with a team to Banja Luka next year, he wanted them to come and check it out. Laura also came along as she, poor thing, hadn't seen anything of the city yet as we haven't had time! The team arrived just in time for us to go for lunch. Here we all are:Being the 4th of July, Ljilja thought it would be nice to have some sort of surprise for them. She had these little American toothpick flags and wanted to do something with them, but wasn't sure what. I suggested that we ask the restaurant to put them in the lunch cevapi (a traditional Bosnian dish with spiced meat and special bread) that we planned to have for lunch with them. They were all surprised when they came out with the flags, and at first thought it was the restaurant who had done it! Then I explained that it had been Ljilja's idea and they were all very touched... Here is the cevapi with the little flag:
Now, on the team there are 6 US students, but only one "token" white. The others are African- or Asian- or Mexican-Americans, so we caused quite a stir going around town where seeing people of different races is VERY unusual. In fact I think we could have seriously sold pictures with them... and made a nice profit.

So, when we arrived at the Fortress Kastel where they were having a "Kotlic" (Cauldron) competition for Reporters (they have a certain about of time to cook up a stew of some sort and then compete against each other...) Well... we kind of stood out and people were all interested in us... then all of a sudden, everyone wanted these foreigners to try THEIR stew. One guy even gave two of the team (who both just happen to be African-American, spot the pattern...) chef hats to put on and took their pictures... and then we all had to be in a picture. It was a riot! Eventually we all tried some of the stews. Here is Scott (with his chef hat) and Ljilja with the "deer" meat stew that they tried:

We took them all over town and out for coffee by the river and had a really nice fun time with them before heading up to the hospital which has a great view over Banja Luka, so we could pray over the city:
Then, before they headed the 2 1/2 hours back to Zenica, we went to one last place for coffee (we treat our guests well!) but this is where we got a little silly... Here I am with Sean who is half-Vietnamese and Jenny who is half-Japanese and we are doing our "Asian pose" for you all... ENJOY!

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