Thursday, July 16, 2009

End of Business training...

We had another two sessions of Business Training with Laura on Monday and Tuesday this week. We continued to have a great turnout as people really enjoyed the "game" format and all said that they were also learning a lot along with the fun!!

One of the things that they do during the game is to actually make "hats" to sell to the other teams etc: here is one team making their hats: They also had one version of the hats that they had to make with scissors. Then one round, Laura took the scissors away from all the teams as they had a "machinery failure" in the "factory". They then either had to rent or repair them or work together with the other teams, etc. They were, of course, not very happy with this and the next round, the one team hid their scissors from Laura so it couldn't happen again:)
Another part of the training was for the participants to start up their own businesses in between the two sets of training with a small loan of 10KM (about R60/$8). For the report back at the last session, Darko came with his actual business: a super peeler/slicer and he demonstrated it for us:
He managed to make about 400KM (R2400/$350) in the 10 days with that small loan by selling these at the market! He also sold 7 on the night!!

Here is the whole group on the last night:
It has been so great to have Laura here, not only for running the program, but also to catch up with her and what is going on in South Africa!

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos belinda!!!

Actually great blog. Sorry i missed Ljilja's birthday - that looked fun.

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