Friday, July 24, 2009

Children's Home visit...

We went again to the Children's Home on Wednesday morning. We had a smaller group of kids and a nice lot of volunteers so we had a great time! And some learning even took place... We focused on the Alphabet and did games to help the kids learn more of their English ABC's.

The one they really enjoyed was this one: There are two teams and one from each team come forward and have to find the letter David calls out before the person from the opposing team finds it: some of the time they would each just keep picking up letters until they happened on the right one, but some of the kids really showed their knowledge of their ABCs!!Here is a pic of most of us: That is Jelena on my lap. It is her two brothers in the above pic. They are the cutest kids and so polite and well-behaved... but their mother couldn't cope with them anymore, so she put them in the home in April. Really sad. But it is really cute to see how the older brothers take care of their younger sister: long may it continue!
Ivana, who is the blonde helper on the right in the above pic, came with us for the first time. Maja asked her how old she was. When she said "21", Maja said "wow that is old, that is even older than Belinda"!!!! ;-)
(did I tell you I like Maja?!)

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