Friday, July 03, 2009

Business Training with Laura

Laura is here from South Africa, and while she is here for two weeks, she will be running some business training for the Dorcas Project. She is also teaching me how to do it, so in the future I can run it (and train others!). It is a program that is based on a simulation game called BEST and is put out by the the South African Institute for Entrepreneurship. Here is Laura (left) with Viki. Viki is the director for Dorcas Aid Bosnia and Hercegovina who came to see how the program worked and then got roped into translating...thanks Viki for doing it so I didn't have to!Here is an overview of the room: 3 teams each playing against each other:
Team "Most" trying to decide how much to budget for the business, for their home and for savings:
Team "Dukat" listening hard to Laura:
Team "Ciri bu Ciri ba" (which means "abracadabra"!) doing their budgeting, B=business, E=expenses (for your house) and S=savings:
Vesa from "Ciri bu Ciri ba" going shopping at "Mike's supermarket" for food for the week:
There is also "Harry's wholesalers" where they buy the material for their products and "Sally's shop" where they sell their products. And all sorts of other fun stuff. But through the "game" they are actually learning, budgeting, cash-flow managing, risk analysis, record-keeping, etc. And this was just module one of four! So we have a lot more to learn through this...

The aim of the training is starting one's own business: so each participant will also get a small loan (of 10KM/R60/$8) in between module 2 and 4 (and there is a 10 day break between trainings) to actually try and start something. We will see how this goes!!

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Shilo said...

Very cool! I don't know how you do everything you do!

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