Monday, June 29, 2009

English Classes...

I have two English Classes for beginners. One is for those that know some English and we go quite fast. And then one is for those that know very little: These photos are of the "real" beginners' class: We sit like this towards the board and work together around the tables. Bilja, Dragana and Dragan filling out something in the book together:Lidija, Zelimir, Darko and Ljubica working hard at an assignment:
As Fida is helping with some of the costs of the material for these classes, they wanted to find out if the people on the courses were satisfied with the classes. So, last week I gave out some evaluation questionnaires. It was really encouraging to hear that everyone is more than satisfied and not only enjoying the classes, but also learning a lot as well. Below are some of the (translated) comments...

I am satisfied because we are learning correct English pronunciation; the lecturer explains concepts from different angles, including comparison with the same concept in the Serbian language.

The lectures are wide and drawn from a great number of exercises which we do both orally and written with the possibility of asking questions.

I like the fact that Belinda tries really hard to ensure that each of us understands new material.

The lecturer tries hard, motivates and strives to make each of us take part in the conversation part of class.

I am happy with the classes because I learnt quite a lot in a short amount of time.

In this period since I started in the class, I have learnt such a lot. Thank-you so much for giving me this opportunity.

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