Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Budapest and learning stuff about myself...

I realised on this trip to Budapest that I have changed a lot living cross-culturally. Right now in Bosnia I am so proficient (PTL) in the language that it doesn't stress me to be here and using the language, because I am often taken for a local. So it is only when I go to a language that I don't know that I remember all that language learning stuff... (and PTL that I am no longer there!)

Now, in Budapest I was helping to organise a conference for almost 60 people in a place I had never been, and in a language I didn't know. Luckily a lot of people spoke English, but in many places I was speaking "hand and feet" (which I am luckily quite proficient in - you try explaining "safety pin" and "moldling clay" and see how you do!).

But I did realise that after living cross-culturally for so long it really doesn't phase me to go out and find my way (at least with a reliable map!) in a city I don't know and not knowing the language... I did pick up a couple of words of Hungarian, including that "butchy-butchy" means "excuse me" - yip, seriously! Comes in handy in the tram crush!

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