Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday afternoon tea...

Yesterday, Tanja and Damjan, two of our clients through one of our humanitarian aid projects came over for tea. We didn't get any photos of their parents, but here are Ljilja and I with the kids Bojan and Snjezana, who are soooo cute!:Here I am talking to Bojan about South Africa: he is 7 and was quite interested, especially when his mom told him that it was close to Madagascar from the film!
Bojan is one of our sponsorship kids: this means he has a "godparent" in Finland who pays each month towards his schooling. There are no 51 kids in this project - for which Ljilja is responsible: she does such a good job with all the kids! And one of the things that is done is to send the "godparent" pictures and letters from the "godchild". Here is one of the pictures to be sent to Bojan's godparent in Finland: He wrote his name "BOJAN" on the right. I just love the picture of the priest on the left!
The parents are just lovely people and we had a great time with all of them. Especially as the kids are very huggy and kissy: I feel like my love quota has been totally filled up!!

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