Friday, May 01, 2009

The boys came to lunch

Yesterday, David and his Czech friend Vasek, who is here visiting this week, came over for lunch. I made lasagna on Sunday and then froze it so I would have it for them when they came! Which was a great idea as we were very busy on Thursday and wouldn't have had time to make lunch for them. We must have fed them well because this is them after lunch:Yip, they needed that post-lunch nap, especially David:
Vasek thought the story of our "promiscuous" bears was so great, that he had to get a picture of himself with them:
Ok, promiscuous bears?? The bear on the right is the original "promiscuous" bear. He got the name because we put him on the bed for all the guests that come through here: so he "slept with" a lot of people over the years! One day I realised that he had got a bit grubby and put him in the machine to have a bit of a wash: and he came out a bit shrunk and horrible as you can see! So we had to get another bear (on the left) to give to our guests!! So now we have two "promiscuous" bears!!

1 comment:

Jacqui said...

You are such a brilliant hostess B. Except I am a bit worried about the bear situation. LOL

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