Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is the day that the Lord has made...

This morning, one of the verses I read was "This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." My plan for the day was to work on reports (which were due on Monday - sorry Viki!) and then in the afternoon to teach Beginner's English and run the English Club. However, as always I was open to whatever the day would bring - and I knew having that as my verse for the day that God probably had some surprises in store, so I was prepared for anything...

First, Ivana called and asked if I wanted to come over for tea. She has been going through some hard times lately and also her eldest daughter needed somehow to get to school - so to save Ivana the trip with all the children (she has four) I offered to go over for tea and then take Arna to school on the way home. We had a great time together and I was so glad that I could go - she is alway so encouraging!!

On the way over to Ivana's, Duska from the Orphanage called me to say that they were painting their rooms today. We had offered to help when it came time for that, as it is just the kids and the teachers who are painting by themselves. I did think I would get more notice, but hey!!

Anyway, we tried rallying the troops, but no one was able to until tomorrow, and so after doing some shopping for tomorrow's seminar and to take stuff to the Orphanage as snacks for the kids (Ljilja) and finishing up one report (me), Ljilja and I went over to help them out: This is the day that they Lord has made!!

We helped them figure out how to paint the living room of their section: Here I am doing the top part of the "red" with Nemanje looking on:

Ljilja did the lion's share of the painting - after the red she did the yellow:
This is the boys carrying on in their own bedroom:
One of the teachers, Srdjan, with Nemanje
Some of us with Duska (the other teacher). Slobodan (making the horns) did a lot of painting as well:
Unfortunately we could only be there for 2-3 hours as I had to go to teach English for beginners, so we only helped with the one room, but more people will hopefully go over to help tomorrow. I had a great first class with my beginners and then really enjoyed running the English Club for students. I only got home just after 9.30 having enjoyed this day that the Lord has made!! Now I am ready for bed!!

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