Saturday, April 25, 2009

The last 10 days or so...

While I was in Sarajevo last weekend, I took this picture - I wish I could have made it even more apparent - the contrast between the ruins from the war and hope for a new future beyond - but alas I am too short... but I still think it is a great pic:
I also got to visit Sedija, my friend from Zenica: We met when I still couldn't speak the language and she put up with me and my little yellow dictionary - so it is really nice to be able to actually speak to her properly now!! She lives in Sarajevo now, but before the war was in Jajce, about an hour from Banja Luka. She fled from there as it was about to be occupied and her husband went back to get something from the house and was killed by the forces who had already arrived. And her house was completely destroyed. It has now, PTL, been completely rebuilt and she is able to live there over the summer months - so I look forward to going to visit her there this summer.

Here are some other random pictures from the last 10 days for your enjoyment:

Ljilja got a new bike (here with David who helped to pic it out): This hopefully means we will go riding together and take off the kilos that both of us have put on the last two years since we stopped riding as Ljilja's old bike broke.Home group at Sinisa and Olja's: Sinisa, Olja, Ivana, David and I. Bojan got lost on the way over as he had never been before and the others were ill. We still had a great time!
Motivation seminar for one of our projects, run by Olja: (who is a qualified Social Worker-she completed her degree last year - studying with two kids!)
Here is a pic of everyone: This seminar is about helping them how they can find work and be motivated to get out there and look for a job. Ljilja and I do the set-up and catering and hang out with the people at the breaks (and encourage Olja who does a great job of the actual lecturing!).
This last picture is just too cute not to put on here: Ljilja, David and I were over last night at Ivana's to play "Pictionary" (in Serbian) with her husband and his cousins. We had a fantastic time (especially as the girls won!!). I had actually forgotten how much I love playing pictionary and how bad I am at drawing!! We were playing and not really paying attention to Viktor who took his book of stickers and lay on the couch to look at them and then fell asleep:
Stickers are ALL the rage among kids here - wherever we go now the kids are all showing us their latest stickers... If you want to make a kid happy take them some stickers!!!

Hope you enjoyed a random look at some of the things that happened over the last 10 days or so!!

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