Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just another manic Tuesday...

I always forget how manic my Tuesdays can get, but even yesterday was more manic than most! I walked in the morning with Cindi and Lea (we have a route that takes us an hour and a quarter). Got home at 9, showered and we went to the office for our weekly team meeting (which I love, but they can go long!). After that Ljilja and I had lunch at David's (which was great - he is a really good cook). We then went shopping for stuff for Alpha and when we got home in between faxing and sending some important emails I was making brownies for Alpha (I promised that I would make them... silly me!)

At 4.30 it was then time to go to the office again for my English for Beginner's Class. We finally began the classes for our one project and to start with I gave them an Entrance placement test. As we are having two levels this year, this is to put them in the correct class. We then played a game, which can be for mixed levels: as we had people who know NOTHING to people who can speak fairly fluently. I always want to start by getting to know the students a bit, and for them to get to know me and explain that we will learn English, but also hopefully have a fun time doing it. Most of the students are mothers (or fathers) of 4 or more children, so the class is a time for them to invest not only in learning English but also for them to relax and enjoy themselves!

Here are pics of them during the test:Then we set up for the Student Alpha. This week the theme was "Why did Jesus have to die?" which I think is very appropriate for Easter!! Here are most of us: And a cute pic of Ceca with Ljilja and David: We had a great time and even though I was tired I really enjoyed the evening. But I must admit when I got home at 10.30, I went STRAIGHT to bed!!

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