Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some reflections on my time in South Africa

I can’t believe it has been 10 weeks already, but yes it is true that I leave today to return to Banja Luka!! My sister and her family arrive at 9am and I leave for the airport at 4pm - so we timed this really well!!

While I have been here I have:
-Drunk countless teas and had countless meals with friends
-Been swimming at Strandfontein and Muizenberg and Hermanus beaches
-Read at least 20 books (the library is my best friend!)
-Eaten at the Spur 5 times! (Once as a family meal)
-Been to 3 shows and 2 plays (one a Shakespeare in the Park)
-Had “Sundowners” on Clifton Fourth Beach
-Hunted chameleons
-Completed my first “Geocache”
-Been to the movies 6 times (twice with my mom!)
-Played for the first time on a “wii”
-Had my first facial
-Preached (the same sermon) twice
-Successfully fed over 80 people and taught half as many to Bosnian dance at my Bosnian evening
-Been to gym 3 times with my mom (on free passes ;-), enjoying the aqua class and jacuzzi each time
-Visited Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
-Travelled to Johannesburg
-Spent a week at the School of Frontier Journalism at YWAM in Muizenberg
-Had breakfast at many different lovely places: including Rhodes Memorial, Chart Farm and the Waterfront
-Attended a cell just as a “pleb” every week (i.e. just come along and BE there! Not be the missionary - thanks for having me guys!!)
-Been to the Milnerton Fleamarket 4 times
-Completed 4 assignments for the online School of Biblical Studies which I am doing this year
-Played scrabble twice
-Shared in 7 cell groups and 2 Mission Covenant Services
-Been privileged to go to 2 weddings (including 1 in Hermanus)
-Swam almost every day in my parent’s pool, enjoying the unusually long summer that we had this year!
-Enjoyed driving my late Grandfather’s 29 year old Peugeot (on the LHS of the road!)
-Taught the Sunday school to Bosnian dance (even though some don’t know left from right!)

I think this summarises it very well - I have had a great time and although I am really looking forward to getting back to Banja Luka and all the stuff that is going on there, it is at the same time really hard to say goodbye to good friends and of course my family, knowing that it will be 2 years before I will be back again!


Heathcote Safari said...

You can do geocache in South Africa? How? Where?!! Great news about the Pass to Blighty and glad you are 'home' safely. Sending hugs. xx

Belinda Chaplin said...

yes you can - there are loads... we did one called "the da Vinci code" which is a treasure hunt one with 6 clues based on the Da Vinci code book eventually leading to the geocache. It is in Constantia and you are supposed to do it at night... I think the best part was when the poor ADT security guy pulled over as we were searching with torches in some bushes for the clue to see what the heck we were doing!!!
You need a GPS and go to for more details... (I just went along with some friends, so I have no clue other than that!) Have fun!

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