Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have been very busy trying to see everyone and get all the last minute things I need before I leave on Wednesday (it has come up so fast!).

On Saturday I went to visit my ex-roommate Rina and her two adorable children, Cloe and David: I can't believe how big they are! We went to lunch where there was a pool and a slippy slide for the kids and so we hardly saw them! And we had a great time catching up... This is a pic of us: Rina is an artist and so I had to get the background picture in (that is why we are so small!):
And then my family went to the Spur for dinner. It is a chain of restaurants in South Africa and it is kind of a tradition to go as a family, but we hadn't since I came here, and of course we had to go before I left!! My mom and dad, me, my aunt and cousin got in on the act:

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