Sunday, March 15, 2009

Graeme, Nicole and Janel

Last night I was over at my friends Graeme and Nicole. They came to visit me in Bosnia in 2006 when Janel was just 8 months old (see Graeme and Nicole's visit for more details on that). We had a lovely dinner together and it was just nice to spend time with two old friends and their delightful daughter!

Janel's latest thing is to say "hey mommy, even if I am naughty you will still love me, hey?". While both parents are delighted at this understanding of unconditional love, at the same time they are apprehensive about what she is cooking up in her head to be naughty about so she can then put this theorem to the test!

After dinner (and putting of Janel to bed) we were going to play "Settlers", but in the end we ended up having a "Wii" party... It is my first time to actually play with one of these and they had just got some new games, so it was a great time for all of us... although Graeme was definitely winning more games on average, we all managed to win something which of course made it fun for all of us as we are all quite competitive!!

So all-in-all quite a nice relaxed evening... I don't have a picture from last night despite having taken my camera determined to get one, but here they are when they visited me when I first arrived in South Africa in January:

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