Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bosnian Evening...

Wow, what a great evening! I wanted to make it fun, educational and well, fun, and I think I achieved my aim! The coolest part is the fact that there was an ACTUAL BOSNIAN at my Bosnian evening. She is busy studying at the University of Cape Town for the semester and it was just so great to have her along. She also shared a bit of her story and it just added to the evening... luckily she only told me afterwards that she had done the dancing from little (after I had already taught it!) otherwise I would have been very nervous!!

Here I am with Vanja:To make the evening happen, one needs a good team of volunteers and the ability to delegate responsibility: There were about 80 people who came and we served each with some Krompirusa (Bosnian potato pie), Kiflice (filled rolls with either a hotdog or cottage cheese inside), and two kinds of desert (including Bajadera cake, which is delish!!). All this was made ahead of time with a great group of volunteers! And on the night a lot of people helped out as well. I was truly blessed by how people pitched in! Thanks guys!! Here are some of the kitchen team: To keep the "educational" low-key I had a powerpoint slideshow going throughout with pics of scenary around Bosnia and Banja Luka and then some explanation of what I do: that way people could look at it throughout the evening. I also put my photo-book on the walls so people could go look at the photos if they wanted:

Mid-way through the evening, I also had a quiz so that people could actually learn some things through it (and get prizes if they already knew the answer!!). And I think most people really enjoyed that part!!

Otherwise, people were sitting around tables so that they could sit and chat and fellowship over the food (and later over the Bosnian coffee and teas):
Here is a kid of overall shot so you can ALL the people!! The majority of people who came were from my church, but there was one whole cell group from another church and then other friends of mine who came along. It was very encouraging to have soooo many people!
After all that fun, we had to have some serious time. Each people had a nametag and on the nametag there was a symbol, symbolising either Serb, Croat or Muslim and so people had to get into groups of 3 or more different symbols and pray with each other for unity in the country, that the church would grow and for what I am doing:

It was a really special time of intercession going up to the Lord for this part of the world!

But then it was time for MORE fun (is it possible?) when I taught mostly everyone how to do some of the simpler Bosnian dances (well the only ones I know!!): It went really well and most people got the hang of it... we could have carried on all night...

All-in-all it was a great evening and I am just so happy that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was really great having Vanja there as well! And it really was a God thing that she came! I think most people left knowing a lot more about Bosnia and what God is doing through me there and with happy memories of a fun evening!

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