Monday, February 09, 2009

Yolande's wedding and Hermanus

This past weekend, I was privileged to be able to go and be a part of my friend Yolande's wedding. I met her at a retreat for single missionaries two years ago and she only invited me at the last minute when there was some cancellations, but I was touched that she asked me so I decided to go. I was a bit apprehensive as I knew Yolande and no one else at the wedding, but God really provided some fun people to hang out with and I had a great time!

The wedding was at "Wortelgat" (which means "root hole" in Afrikaans), a Christian campsite on the other side of Hermanus, about 2 1/2 hours from Cape Town. I got a lift with two great girls and one of them was a bridesmaid and so when we arrived we went to help Yolande get ready, and it was a blessing to be a part of the "before" part and not just attend the ceremony!

The couple had wanted the wedding to be at Wortelgat because they had met there while working on the campsite together... And of course because it is a beautiful place: This is where the ceremony was held: (and yes the best men and groom, Jono, are wearing bright green t-shirts - very funky!)When she arrived her step-dad took her up to the ceremony and then she walked through the "canopy" of bamboo reeds to her dad who then gave her to Jono. Very special.
Pat, who runs the campsite, did the service and it really was a special time of just giving their marriage into God's hands:Here I am, grabbing a chance to take a picture with the lovely bride before they left...
The wedding couple left around 5ish and so many people who had traveled to be there from Cape Town went back the same day. A couple of us stayed on at the campsite so we could enjoy Hermanus the next day. I only met them at the wedding, but we had a great time on the Saturday night - carrying on the celebrating with the groom's parents and watching the most amazing thunderstorm! And then also on Sunday in Hermanus - which is a really beautiful place - before heading home together to Cape Town.

Here I am with Leana after we had swum in the very chilly ocean (it was 10degs C or 50deg F):We also had this amazing experience as we were standing very briefly in the waves: We were watching a seal who was hunting fish and swimming rather fast and then he almost bashed into us!! In fact some of the fish he was chasing did actually swim into Leana's leg - and the seal only managed to avoid us by turning at the last minute...within less than a metre of us...fantastic experience.

We then went walking along the beachfront walk that goes all along the coast there - through bushes: here are Victor and Leana: Leana was also the cellist at the wedding (she is amazing!) and is studying music at UCT.
And all along the beautiful coastline: Me with Victor, who is actually an American, doing post-graduate studies at the University of Cape Town.
It was a very hot day and we had to get out of the sun, so Leana says "let's go to my friend Stefaan's place and hang out on their stoep"... and even though there was no one at home, that is what we did! It was a perfect way to end the day - lying out and enjoying this fantastic view of the mountain: (but it was pretty bizarre to be sitting on these people's veranda without them being there!)
All-in-all I had a great weekend with people I only just met and just felt the blessing of spending time in God's glorious nature and also being able to be with special people on their special day.

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Shilo said...

Sounds like fun! Good thing you are always up for an adventure! :) Have a great week! Shilo

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