Saturday, February 28, 2009

loads of kids...and old friends!

I had some friends and their kids over today and we had a blast. While the kids played in the double-storey playhouse my dad has made, we adults were able to enjoy a lovely time together outside. After that the kids all moved inside to play with the barbie house and we continued to enjoy the peace and quiet outside! Here is a pic of all the kids:There were 3 families represented, but I only got a photo with Bryan and Robyn Savides as they left early and then forgot to get a photo with the others... oh dear: This is them with their gorgeous girls, Georgia and Daniella:Bryan is battling with cancer at the moment and he is amazingly upbeat about it all, and it really doesn't seem as if he is going through all the stuff that he is going through. But if you can remember them in your prayers, I know they would appreciate it.

After they left we got busy in the pool: Here is Shaun with his 3 kids and Jess (who came with her mom Nichi while dad was busy) in her armbands. The older 3 all enjoyed the slide so much, while I held baby Kayla (as mom was home sick), it was very difficult to get them out! Kudos to Shaun for all the catching and swimming with all the kids, while Nich and I just watched!!
Despite the fact that Peter and Heidi couldn't be with us, the kids had a fantastic time, as did we!

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Mgli said...

How cute!

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