Friday, February 27, 2009

Bosnian Dancing...

As I have promised to teach people how to do Bosnian circle dancing or "kolo" at my "Bosnian Evening" which is next Wednesday, I thought I better have a time when I can teach a few people ahead of time and a) practice how to teach and b) then have more people who "know" how to do the dances so they can help on the night!

So I asked whoever was available and wanted to learn to come together on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, it was really hot, so the "class" only lasted 20 minutes before all of us flaked out, but in that time I managed to teach the 6 people who came how to do the two dances I plan to teach on Wednesday night (and frankly the only two I know!!).

It was nice to have my minister, Mark, and his wife Wendy along with others from the church, but the biggest surprise of the evening was Andre (otherwise known as "Mr Grumpy" after one of the "Mr Men" characters and who was dragged along by his wife) - he got quite into the dancing and actually managed to do a passable job of it!

So, I am now looking forward to teaching at the Bosnian Evening, if even Andre enjoyed it!!

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Andre said...

!! And you probably thought I dont read your blog. Eish!

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