Monday, February 23, 2009

Another week gone by...

Time really does fly when you are having fun... This past week flew by as I was at the YWAM base sitting in on a school, sharing in cell groups, going to teas, watching the Cricket 20/20 finals (and we won!!) and preparing for the Mission Covenant services at my church which were yesterday. (and in between all that trying desperately to finish my Bible school assignments!)

One exciting happening was my first "geocache" hunt with GPS with my friends Keren and Nils. We went on Friday night and did a treasure hunt kind of one where you have to follow a trail of clues to find the actual geocache and it was great fun! We did get looked at funny by the ADT (security company) guys as we were standing with torches by a barbed wire fence trying to find the next clue and it did look pretty suspicious!

I love my church: we have one Sunday a year dedicated to the Missionaries supported out of our church. I am only there every other year, and in the off years I send in a powerpoint presentation. When I am here I always try to do something different. A couple of years ago I actually did it all in Bosnian and my good friend Keren "translated" it for me (she had a script guys!). The funny part was there were quite a few people that asked her if she really translated and one guy even asked her "but how did you learn the language so fast?"!!

Yesterday we did a drama to demonstrate the fact that we are often so caught up in our own world that we forget about the world out there. It is called "Conflicting voices" and worked really well. We had Martin reading the news from our church (all made up and completely purile) while 3 of us read the real news from other countries in the language of that country. So we had Dionne reading in Shona from Zimbabwe, Leslie (who along with her husband Martin, lived in Thailand for 14 years and they are now both serving the Lord in missions in Cape Town) speaking Thai and then me doing it in Bosnian. We read together - so the English was going at the same time as one of the languages (ie one at a time) and the translation was up on the powerpoint so they could read that.

Now in the morning service I had my script which I had translated into Bosnian and just read off that but in the evening I had been so busy getting everything else ready that I didn't realise that my script had been left at home until it was time for us to go on the stage. No time to get at least the English off the powerpoint: so what to do? Well, I must confess that I just spoke complete rubbish in Bosnian while trying to make it look like I was reading off a piece of paper as my script! But nobody can speak Bosnian so actually I don't think anyone even noticed I had done that!!!

And for my sharing this time, instead of rattling on about ALL the stuff I do: I just shared some stories of people who are affected by what I do and thus demonstrate some of what it is I do at the same time... (thanks to my Mom for the great idea) and I think it went really well!!

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Jacqui said...

Brilliant idea for the drama. Thrilled that it all worked out so well.

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