Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kirstenbosch with Heather...

So, Heath and I decided to go to Kirstenbosch Botantical Gardens for tea today to catch up. We started in the tea garden: I had to have some of the "Chocolate Puddle Pudding" which is as good as it sounds...We then wandered around a bit and then sat under a tree in the shade and chatted for a nice long while, before we decided it was time to go (as we were being attacked by falling insects - including a Praying Mantis!).

Here are some (self-timer) photos of us in the gardens:
That is the "back/side" of Table Mountain in the background.
I think Capetonians can get quite complacent about the beauty in our city and we do live in a BEAUTIFUL city, and so it is really great to be here and take advantage of it: being a tourist in my own city!

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Mgli said...

Such nice pictures! I love mountains!

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