Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hristos se Rodi! Christ is Born!

Vaistinu se Rodi! He is born indeed!Today for those of you that don't know (and I must admit I was was ignorant until I moved to Bosnia), is the day that the Serbian Orthodox Christian celebrates the birth of our Saviour (and many other Orthodox Christians celebrate yesterday or today, depending).

Many things are the same (yes they have Christmas trees with decorations). Many things are very different (they have wheat sprouts growing on their Christmas table and stuffed cabbage and pork to eat). But it is a reminder to me that it isn't important when we celebrate Jesus' birth - but that we DO celebrate it. And in fact, we should be reminded of it more often because it is a BIG thing - Jesus giving up everything that He had in heaven to come to earth, to die on the cross.

I celebrated the day with Ljilja (who for the first time wasn't home with her family for Christmas!) and we both went to Dragana's (with David). I don't have any photos from that meal, but we had a great time - even playing some Skip-Bo which David was given for Christmas by Sergej... We weren't allowed to talk about certain things: like our weight, age, facebook, David's unsuccessful apartment hunting, the fact that Belinda is going to be very soon in summer weather, etc and so everytime someone started to say something about one of these topics they were beeeeeeeeeped out!!! And it made for a more relaxing day not having to worry about those certain things!!

Then we dropped David off, and Ljilja and I went over to Olja's. This is now the 5th year in a row that I have gone to have Christmas with her and her family (I can't believe it!!): now the family is bigger by two than in 2005: her husband, Nenad started coming in 2007 and this was baby, Andrijana's, first! Here we are at the table (spot the wheat growing and the candle - lit at the beginning of the meal and kept alight until you finish...):
Here is a very cute picture of Andrijana proving that she can actually (and loves to) smile!!
Here she is more interested in me than in Ljilja!!
And with Baka (Granny) looking bored already by all the photographing!!!
I definitely ate far too much - but who can resist all this great Bosnian food, knowing that in a week I will not be able to have any for over two months :-) And it was a good day to spend "the most joyous day of the year" (that is what the Serbs call it!)

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