Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bosnia vs South Africa

Ok, I leave for South Africa on Tuesday. I was thinking about the differences that I will experience:

1. The main one is of course temperature: -20C (around 0F) to 30C (80s F)
2. From falling into the snow, to falling into the swimming pool! (ok this is similar to 1, but hey!)
3. Driving on the right to driving on the left...
4. Having to pay for plastic bags (in Bosnia they force them on you at every opportunity!)
5. Not having to drive with your headlights on. (this may seem small, but I keep looking at other cars and thinking: hey buddy turn your headlight on... oh)
6. Security: from having one key to needing 4-5 keys and an alarm code to get in and out of the house
7. Mode of Transport: From walking everywhere to driving (and that with having to borrow my folks' car or use my Gran's 29 year old Peugeot if it is still going!)
8. Currency: Marks to Rands (1:6 at the moment - so big adjustment on pricing!)
9. Housing situation: in own home with Ljilja, to staying with my parents!
10. Church: from worshiping in Serbian to English (and not having to lead it!)
11. Scrabble: beating Nils by email, to beating him live (I have been playing with one friend by email for 9 years and we are on email game 114)
12. Food: I will miss Bosnian "pita", but I get to have Kentucky Fried and go to the SPUR

Ok, that is all I can think of for now - I know there is more but this is a good start!!

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Shilo said...

That was fun to read!

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