Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saint Nicholas Show:

Tonight, Lea, Ceca and I went to the Children's Home's Saint Nicholas program: St Nick is the patron saint of Children: so it is the logical choice for a Children's home's patron saint as well!

Here his Saint's day is on Friday so the children and their carers prepared a little show to celebrate it. Most all of the 70 kids were involved in the show in some way. From the barely walking 1 years (who gave us a fashion show!!) to the teenagers who did a great job of telling jokes in their act.

Here are some pictures: Maja and Darko waltzing:Danijela telling us a story:
The preschoolers who recited poems both individually like Maida below and altogether (which was really cute!)
The 8-11 year olds telling us how St Nicholas takes care of children all around the world:
And below is Neven, Mladenka, Berta and Nemanje (with the cute mustache!) acting out the story of the old clock.
We had a really nice time and I am glad we made the effort to be there as the kids were all delighted to see us there!!

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