Friday, December 19, 2008


Nikoljdan is Saint Nicholas' Day and it is a BIG saint's day here - this means that many families have him as their patron saint and so either people are celebrating the day or they are at someone's house celebrating!!.

It is also the day when children usually get packages (instead of for Christmas) and so it was really great for me to be able to go to a school today and hand out packages with Sergej and David. We did a little talk about Christmas and David a little demonstration about how much God loves us in each classroom before handing out the packages to the very excited kids:Here are Jelena and Bozidar who are very happy with their packages:
Then later, Ljilja and I went to go celebrate Nikoljdan with Olja and Nenad and baby Andrijana (who is getting really big!) Here are Olja and Andrijana: And with me(by this stage Andrijana was sick of looking into the camera!):
I also finally had a chance today to put up the Christmas tree! I think I did a pretty good job:I even put up all my angels at the top to make a "choir of angels" which I think is pretty funky! I wanted to remind myself of the angels singing "GLORY to GOD in the HIGHEST"!!!All in all it has been a pretty good Nikoljdan!

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