Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Package distribution at the Children's Home:

We went this morning to hand out packages at the Children's Home. I didn't want to just hand them out, but instead thought it would be great if we could organise something more fun for the kids as well... So we put together a little program and the English Club got involved as well (although sadly in the end only Sofija and Zvjezdana ended up actually coming as many couldn't make it :-( )

As Zvjezdana, who was supposed to be leading the program, was very late, I stepped in and became the "angel" (see if you can spot my halo below) and introduced each "act" and explained where the packages come from and here I was explaining about the packages and the little comic book which goes with them - about the "The Biggest Present in the World" (ie Jesus!):Here are Nemanje and Damir watching the program (yes, all the kids are CUTE!): When I originally shared this plan with Lea she told me about a "Magic bag" that she has through which you can tell the whole Christmas story: and so we decided to do it for the kids! Here she is explaining the bag with Sofija translating: The Christmas story characters are supposed to be in the bag, but they have disappeared: hidden somewhere in the room. So all the kids have to get up and try and find them and if they find them go up front. It gets all the kids involved: here is Lea with most of the kids up front and Sofija doing a wonderful job of LOUDLY translating what Lea was explaining!
In the end, the kids put the characters into the bag and they all come out tied together in order!!! Magic! (most still don't know how it works, and I am NOT telling!)
We were supposed to have another play which the English Club members were wanting to do: but unfortunately the main characters were unable to make it at the last minute so it was cancelled:-( but we still had enough entertainment after Lea's "magic bag". First we were treated to Jijska and Dina (from Finland) singing a Finnish song: and they did a great job!
And after that David shared his "magic" trick with the three ropes: telling the kids that God loves them no matter what!Then the best part, the handing out of the packages: Here is Dina handing out the comic books:
Zvjezdana giving Luka his package:
Me giving Gaga her present...

As you can see she didn't want any help and insisted on holding it by herself - it is almost bigger than her!!!
Here is Una with her package:
And Mladen with his:
All-in-all it worked out great despite MANY last minute changes... and most important the kids (and their carers) had a great time!!

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Eeva-Liisa said...

Great job! Bless. Eeva-Liisa

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